Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top Five Leading Trends of Online Education in K-12 Schools

With the growing dependence on technology and web-based learning, K-12 schools are also adopting technological innovations in their knowledge delivery process. At present, K-12 schools are highly focused on creating ways to offer students effective learning and, that too, in the most cost-effective way.

The popularity of online learning has encouraged the development of a number of web-based learning processes. Blended models and mobile learning are gaining popularity on a rapid scale. Over the past few years, K12 schools in the district level are looking to incorporate technology and digital and open content to achieve the best results.. The objective of K-12 schools at present is to incorporate competency-based learning, so that large number students can achieve enhanced experience of learning.

Here, we have come up with the leading trends of online education in K-12 schools. Take a look here.

Emphasis on Blended Learning

Blended learning opportunities have gained tremendous growth potential in recent years. In fact, a lot of K12 schools at district levels have adopted blended learning in order to gain experience before investing on an expensive learning management system. There are various ways of incorporating blended method and it is evolving slowly with time. According to the experts, blended learning has brought value-oriented results in the Learning and Development industry.

Competency-based Learning Gaining Momentum

With the introduction of technology and e-learning modules, competency-based learning is gaining ground. Technological advancements and the incorporation of web-based applications enable students to receive individualized instruction and offer them the opportunity to learn at their convenience.

Increased Use of Mobile-based Learning

Nowadays, mobile-based learning has made classrooms virtual and has also extended its reach. According to a survey report, "Anecdotal evidence suggests that by the end of 2011, mobile learning could grow as quickly as other elements of online and blended learning". The extensive use of Netbooks, Smartphones, and other software -based devices is carrying mobile-based learning forward.

Extensive Use of Instructional Content

For an effective learning process, instructional content is extremely important. The traditional method of selecting curriculum through a textbook adoption process is no more on the scene. The convenience of portable learning encourages the growth and extensive use instructional content.

Increasing Importance of an LMS

The growth of online learning and training has received a new dimension with the introduction of Learning Management System. Through an effective learning management System, both instructors and students gain a convenient platform for an effective instruction. It helps organizers to analyze student and teacher performance, thus driving the growth and development of learning process and overall performance of the students.


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